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Sports Physical Therapy

Youth sports physical therapy optimizes young athletes' health and performance, preventing injuries and enabling safer, stronger return to sport.

Performance Training

Performance Training propels young athletes to peak performance, dramatically reducing injury risks and setting the stage for sports excellence.

Concussion Recovery

Ensuring full concussion recovery before returning to sport is crucial to protect young athletes from long-term brain health risks and to safeguard their future both on and off the field. It's about preserving potential, not just performance.

Braden S., college student
"Brandy was recommended to me by my doctor when I got a bad muscle strain in my neck due to scoliosis, and I am so thankful that I scheduled physical therapy appointments with her. Brandy has worked with me these past few months targeting the source of my pain and helping me further strengthen my whole body. Now I feel amazing and a lot stronger as a result of everything! I highly recommend Brandy to anyone who has pain or is in need of an amazing physical therapist. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me Brandy, I really appreciate it and I will keep in touch!!"

Chris L., Army Veteran
"Brandy is a miracle worker. I got a hip injury early in my Army career. I had a good surgeon, so I got to stay in, but I have a slight limp and always have a little bit of pain. I completely forgot what it was like to walk normally till after Brandy worked on me. She's incredibly talented, personable, patient, and passionate about her craft. She even helped me while I was overseas. Thanks to her, I'm able to push myself further than I ever thought I was capable of, even before my injury. Brandy is an absolutely amazing healer and I'm so grateful for her."

Baseball game

Elevate young athletes with tailored performance and training insights.

Dedicated to nurturing young talent, our blog dives into the world of youth sports performance, offering insights and strategies for aspiring athletes to excel. From customized training techniques to essential injury prevention strategies, we provide young athletes and their parents with the tools needed for success.

About Us


Welcome to Visionary PT, the brainchild of Brandy Lang, MS, PT, CES, Cert. DN, where elite youth sports physical therapy and performance training converge to redefine athletic potential. Our journey began from a deeply personal mission: as a parent witnessing the aspirations of a young athlete determined to excel on the sports field, Brandy understood the critical need for specialized, comprehensive training. This firsthand experience fueled our dedication to crafting a platform that not only addresses the physical demands of rising athletes but also nurtures their sport-specific skills and fortifies them against injury. At, we believe in the power of expert-led, scientifically-backed methodologies to unlock the true potential of young athletes, propelling them towards their dreams of competing at higher levels.

Our ethos is rooted in the belief that every young athlete deserves access to the pinnacle of sports physical therapy and performance training. With Brandy Lang at the helm, Visionary PT is more than just a training facility; it's a launchpad for aspiring athletes to achieve excellence in their sports endeavors. Our programs are meticulously designed to enhance athleticism, develop physical and sport-specific skills, and bolster injury resilience, ensuring that every participant is equipped to not only meet but exceed their performance goals. Join us at and embark on a journey to transform potential into exceptional athletic achievement.

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