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Visionary Physical Therapy and Wellness

Welcome to Charlotte's premier training center for Youth Sports Performance

What makes us Different: The 4 P's

We believe in the Process (How you assess a youth athlete vs. an adult athlete)

We develop the Right Programming (Youth athlete training is different than adult)

We monitor, track, and design Progression (When and How you get Results matter)

We relate our training model to Sports Performance (How they excel in their sport)

Dedicated to developing the whole athlete through all their growing stages, we specialize in enhancing movement efficiency, stability, athleticism, and power to give young athletes the competitive edge they need.

Our Sports Performance Training is ideal for athletes of all levels and all sports who are looking to improve their game. Most strength and conditioning programs focus on isolated one-plane exercises intended to increase muscle size but isolated one-dimensional training does little to improve overall athletic performance. Using a multi-system, multidirectional functional training approach yields better results. We provide individualized programs that are tailored to your specific goals, with a focus on peak performance and injury resilience.


Our experienced team of Sports Physical Therapists and performance trainers will work with you to help you reach your full potential.

Experience extraordinary youth sports performance training today!


Meet the Owner, CEO

Brandy Lang, PT, MS, cert DN, NASM-CPT, CES, CFNIP

Welcome! I'm Brandy Lang, founder and CEO of Visionary Physical Therapy and Wellness. My passion for sports training started during my time in the Air Force, where I played volleyball for the base team and started weightlifting. I was intrigued to learn that by incorporating many different ways of training I was able to gain muscle and power more quickly which resulted in better performance on the court. This inspired me to pursue an education in strength and performance training to improve the strength, endurance, speed, and overall health of all athletes. 

After returning to the US, I completed degrees in Biology and Physical Therapy and began working with orthopedic injuries and athletes at all levels, from weekend warriors to recreational sports enthusiasts, as well as middle and high school and D1 athletes. When my son expressed a desire to pursue baseball in college and beyond, I decided to focus my career on helping young athletes reach their full potential.


No matter what sport you play, your training should be personalized to meet your unique needs and goals. 

Chris, Army veteran

"Brandy is a miracle worker. I got a hip injury early in my Army career. I had a good surgeon, so I got to stay in, but I have a slight limp and always have a little bit of pain. I completely forgot what it was like to walk normally till after Brandy worked on me. She's incredibly talented, personable, patient, and passionate about her craft. She even helped me while I was overseas. Thanks to her, I'm able to push myself further than I ever thought I was capable of, even before my injury. Brandy is an absolutely amazing healer and I'm so grateful for her."

Elise, mother of 3

"I had been having hip issues and pain for months. I went to see Brandy and she knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. Which was a great relief to finally know what was going on. She helped the hip pain go away and with the knowledge she gave me I've been able to make sure I take the right steps to keep my hip functioning properly. She gave me back my life!"

Kim, mom of baseball catcher

"They spent time looking at my son to figure out the root cause of the issue, instead of just treating the pain. This will help him hopefully prevent it from reoccurring. He is an athlete and is very focused on sports. He is still growing so their services were invaluable."
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