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Contrary to what you've been told, you don't have to have a blow to the head to have a concussion.  An initial concussion can take up to 30 days to recover from fully, that's if the person is able to do that without any help. But, if you STILL have symptoms after 30 days then it's no longer called a concussion; it's now called Post Concussive Symptoms or Syndrome. That's just another way to say your metabolic injury is still causing you some issues. Here's the good news; WE CAN HELP! 

Concussion is a "Whole Body" Pathology

This concept is frequently misunderstood or ignored by managed care models. Many symptoms that don't resolve on there own may have an underlying cause such as: 

  • Cerebral Blood Flow Dysfunction

  • Gut and/or Blood Brain Barrier permeability

  • Oxidative Stress and Unregulated Inflammation

  • Soft Tissue Pathology

  • Heart Rate Variability

  • Cervicothoracic Mobility

  • Autonomic Dysregulation

  • Vestibulo-Ocular Dysfunction

  • Impaired Neuromuscular control 

  • Nutritional Malabsorption or Toxicity

  • Decreased Cardiovascular Capacity

  • Vagal Nerve Tone

  • Neurocognitive Impairment

These are just a few underlying causes of continued symptoms. But the good thing is, you CAN do something about it regardless of how long it's been since your last concussion or even how many you've had. We incorporate integrative training, myofascial release, physical movement and therapeutic nutrition coaching to help neutralize free radicals, healing "leaky gut", and improve the brain inflammatory cascade that accompanies concussion.  

If you are still experiencing symptoms from one or more concussions, click the button to book your appointment online today! 

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