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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Prescription to receive Physical Therapservices?

The state of North Carolina has “Direct Access” to Physical Therapy, which means that you are not legally required to have a Physician’s referral before seeing a Physical Therapist for an evaluation or treatment. However, some insurance coverage may require you to have a referral or “authorization” before they will approve payment.

You should contact your insurance company beforehand to determine the process that they require. It’s important to remember that if you are under the care of a Physician and require Physical Therapy, you have the freedom to choose which physical therapy clinic to receive your treatment from.

What type of wellness services do you offer?

We provide wellness services in the form of cardiovascular, strength, and fitness training, therapeutic nutrition coaching and support, sleep hygiene recommendations, biometric monitoring and coaching, stress resilience tools and resources, myofascial release reconnection and healing, and neurocognitive testing using DANA for those post concussion. 

What do I need for virtual sessions?

You will need: enough space to move and perform structured exercise, a reliable internet, wifi, and/or cellular connection, basic exercise equipment or access to a gym (contact us if you have specific questions). Virtual sessions will include personal training, fitness, therapeutic nutrition coaching, and wellness services as appropriate. 

What insurance do you take?

Visionary Physical Therapy and Wellness is out-of-network with all insurance companies because we believe that access to care should be available and accessible to everyone. With that said, we have a very competitive pricing structure compared to insurance premiums, deductibles, and copays. With many insurance companies, physical therapy does not fall into preventative medicine, therefore, you will most likely have out of pocket expenses until you reach your deductible, then you may have a portion of your fees covered. With insurance model systems, the total fee for service can vary depending on the interventions used and the time allotted for each intervention as well as what type of contract the physical therapy office has with the insurance company. By operating as a private pay practice, we are able to devote each session to the needs of the individual and the challenges they are currently facing without restrictions in time or "covered interventions". We have a flat rate pricing structure depending on the appointment type you need which is different than offices that function under the umbrella of insurance carriers. If desired, we can provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance carrier, which may help you get reimbursed for applicable expenses. If you receive Medicare benefits, we are not allowed to offer "physical therapy services" as we are not enrolled in Medicare. However, we would be able to offer "prevention, wellness, or fitness" services. This would be out of pocket non-covered expenses. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card (Visa/Mastercard), HSA/FSA cards, and Care Credit (please use the link below to see if you prequalify for Care Credit with no impact to your credit bureau score). There are several plans that our office provides through Care Credit. This can be especially helpful if you are wanting or needing more frequent sessions and would like to pay for bulk sessions at one time.

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