D I S C I P L I N E  leads to Success 

Discipline is VERY hard to teach. You have to Want something so bad that you'll do anything and everything to get it. You'll change your habits, you'll ask for help from your family, you'll feel uncomfortable, you'll struggle, you'll stay focused against ALL outside influences, you'll say NO for the sake of your health, you'll do HARD things... 

Our TBI recovery Program is the HOW you get there, but we can't make you do something you are not completely committed to. You have to figure out your WHY. We can't Motivate you but we can Inspire you. We can be your partner on this journey. We can be your guide, your coach, your mentor. We can hold you accountable. We can listen and help you dig deep to find that "something" that keeps you going. But it's YOU that has to climb that mountain. What we teach through our TBI recovery program will help you create lasting lifestyle changes.   

Take care of your mind and body, it's the Only home you've got.


When I was in SERE school my survival instructor used to say "If it ain't rainin', it ain't trainin'". I never really understood that until I recovered from my 5th TBI in 2017. It means that you have to understand that change ONLY comes from Adversity. You have to expect it so you're not shocked and MOVE through it, don't stand still and feel sorry for yourself. Surrender to the Process and Enjoy the Ride. If you're HERE then you already know you have to make a change. You're already at the bottom of that mountain wondering how you're ever going to get to the top.










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