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As a sports physical therapist, I've worked with every kind of physical injury; from ACL reconstructions, to Achilles ruptures, SLAP tears, UCL repairs/reconstructions, low back pain, hip pain with or without a CAM impingement, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains of every type, the list goes on and on. In some of these cases there's a concussion with these injuries. Most of the time, the care team and coaches are mostly concerned with the musculoskeletal injury and getting the athlete back on the field or court but what doesn't get as much notice or care is the corresponding concussion from "getting your bell rung". 

Champions are built by overcoming Adversity

Even with the recovery period needed for the physical injury, the brain needs it's own time to recover. If you heal from the injury and don't have the stamina you used to, feel unsteady on your feet when you're training or at practice, get dizzy when changing directions or jumping, then you may need some individualized care to get you back in shape. Research now shows that it's not that you had a concussion that relates to possibility of having another one or whether you could have some residual brain damage it's whether you get the recovery period you need before going back to your sport. Sometimes athletes go back to their sport too quickly which may lead to more deficits. 

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