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Physical Therapy and Personal Training combined 

Don't let an injury stop you! Finding the cause of your pain is just the start. Knowing what to do after you find the cause makes all the difference. 

We are different than most Physical Therapy clinics because we use a Whole Body approach to finding out what the issue is and how to get you on the road to recovery. We don't just help you decrease pain or get you moving more than before. We get you back to feeling great and doing the things you want to do.

We provide an integrative methodology to help you enhance movement, improve skill based learning, and incorporate therapeutic nutrition coaching for people juggling work, family, and busy lives that is personalized, affordable, convenient, and effective. 

We use 5 steps to progressively load the body so conditioning and rehab can take place:
          Flexibility and Stability
          Muscle Endurance
          Muscle Development
          Max Strength

By combining both Physical Therapy and Personal Training principles, we can provide solutions for every body and every goal. Everyone is capable of building flexible tissue, mobile joints, stability and strength regardless of age, gender, or time constraints. Nearly every stage of inflammation, chronic disease, and autoimmune conditions can benefit from physical fitness and therapeutic nutrition. 

What we work with: 
         Busy Professionals wanting to be more fit and have limited time 
         Orthopedic issues in joints or the spine including teenage athletes
         Nerve issues such as sciatic pain, numbness/tingling into arms or legs
         Acute and Chronic pain conditions
         Autoimmune conditions such as RA, OA, MS, Diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome

If you're tired of feeling stuck and not getting any better and you want someone that will actually help you along the way,
click the button to book your appointment online today!  

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