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Charlotte's Premier Youth Sports Performance Training Center


Brandy Lang, Owner


Brandy has been a champion for young athletes for most of her career. Brandy prides herself on seeing every athlete's potential and doing everything she can to bring out their best. Many middle and high school programs just focus on strength building without really looking at quality of movement and stability first. Taking kids through the right steps of development is what she does best. 

Brandy received her Bachelor's in Biology, and her Master's in Physical Therapy, as well as continued education as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports Trainer, and Therapeutic Nutrition Coach.


She doesn't believe in the popular "We'll cut and see" attitude when it comes to young athletes and tries to educate parents, coaches, trainers, and kids about the real cause of pain, injury, or lack of progress as it relates to ALL sports.

Jackson, baseball catcher

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Elise, mom of 3

I had been having hip issues and pain for months. I went to see Brandy and she knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. Which was a great relief to finally know what was going on. She helped the hip pain go away and with the knowledge she gave me I've been able to make sure I take the right steps to keep my hip functioning properly. She gave me back my life!

Lisa Driver, MI

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