Who we treat

Virtual and In Person Sessions Available 

1 on 1 Training

Strength training and physical conditioning for Every Body. Finding the time or even knowing where to start can be challenging. Having a physical therapist give you a customized plan specific to your needs and activity level is key. Even if you have pain or injury, are just wanting to get healthier, or already active and just need to make sure you're on the right track I can help you. 

Strength training and physical conditioning for every body

Pre and Post Partum

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can happen during or after childbirth and can effect many aspects of your life for even years later. Having a physical therapist specialized in sacroiliac dysfunction and myofascial release can be a huge benefit to returning to work, being physically active without pain or leaking, and restoring intimacy.

Return to Sport/Running

Whether you are returning to a sport or running program due to inactivity, changes in endurance, strength, or speed, rehabbing from an injury, or starting back after having a child working with a physical therapist can not only help you reach your goals but can help you prevent injuries, enhance your skills, and give you a plan for continued success. 

Family Fitness 

Staying active and fit as a family can be so rewarding and really helps to bring families together. Whether you have specific goals like a family 5K, want to help your kids with their sport performance, or have a family with special needs I can help you develop a customized plan for the whole family that is fun, creative, and gets the job done!