First Responders 

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I'll never forget the time I went on a ride along with a friend of mine who served as a police officer. It was in a part of town I had never seen. It was in a part of the city that I've driven through before but I've never stopped. For my friend, it was routine, but for me, when I was told to stay by the police cruiser until my friend told me it was safe, I saw for the first time that my city was made up of a lot of different people. Sitting in that cruiser with a 12 gauge in between us was an eye opener to what my friends in law enforcement deal with on a daily basis. My friend, too, has had several concussions over the years and knows only too well how those injuries have made impact on daily life. But, there's no time to stop in law enforcement especially if you need to recover from a concussion. That's exactly why I created this protocol to discover the route cause of symptoms and help you recover. 

Show up for yourself FIRST before you show up for someone else

Firefighters are no different in their sense of duty. They just focus their energy on helping others in some of the most disastrous situations you can imagine. They face danger and continue to move through it. At times, they are injured performing their duties but can't stop until the job is done. Again, stopping to recover from a concussion is simply not in the cards. This protocol and how I help others repair and recover from concussion is designed to be performed while you are still on the job. As mostly a volunteer force, it is questionable whether continued care after a concussion happens and to what degree. Do you get meds? Do you get rest? Are taken off the crew? If so, for how long? Did it work? Are you still having issues?

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