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Myofascial Release

It's almost impossible to recover from injury, surgery, repetitive stress, and tension without working with fascia. Fascia is intimately connected with nearly every bodily process and communication between every cell.


Fascia is a three dimensional web that connects muscles to bone and bone to bone, connects your brain to your spinal cord and gut, allows your nerves to move freely within muscles and joints, and allows for stabilization and mobility throughout the body. Only recently has scientific research focused on how fascia plays an important role in movement, pain, recovery, tissue healing and so much more.

In order to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, get back to moving correctly and building strength you have to work with the fascia. This principle concept has been absent in traditional medical models that narrow their focus with surgery and medication as their primary tool.

Fascia is the "glue" that holds everything together. But this "glue" must be pliable, hydrated, and healthy in order for us to move well and be healthy. WE address your concerns by looking at the whole person first, what is happening from a fascial plane/functional movement perspective, and then continue looking for the cause. We are not a treatment facility. WE are a functional medicine lifestyle practice. 

Below is a quick 6:30 min video showing you how important fascia is to our wellbeing. It starts with a good visual of what a grapefruit can teach us about what fascia is and then shows the work done by Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau inside living fascia. For your convenience, feel free to skip to the timestamp that interests you most. 

00:12    Fascia in a grapefruit

01:26    The living fascia

02:04   Tendrils of the fascia

04:38    Water in myofascia

05:32    Pockets of fluid in fascia





If you want to know more about your relationship with your fascia and how this relationship along with your lifestyle habits could be influencing your health and wellbeing, click the button to book your appointment online today!

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